Änderung der Nexpand-Dachkonstruktion

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All Nexpand cabinets are moving from our current three-piece roof solution to a single-piece roof version from February 1st 2023; this applies to new configurations and already existing ones.

This change has been made in collaboration with our customers to improve your experience with the product, directly impacting the following aspects:

  • Fewer fixation points are needed for the cable dividers used for cable management on top of the cabinet, reducing the number of screws from seven to three per cabinet and significantly decreasing installation time.

  • Easier replacement if a part is damaged, reducing three pieces of the roof to handle to just one.

https://www.minkels.com/images/wYYpT/Nexpand - top-of-cabinet_1830_NEW.png

While most accessories are compatible with both roofs, we have redesigned some to fit the new roof requirements. Continue reading to understand what next steps you should take.

All accessories mounted at the roof sides remain the same and are compatible with both the 3-piece roof and the new single-piece version.

Cable dividers on top of the roof and accessories for the roof’s central cut-out have changed, and new SKUs have been created.

All previous spare parts for roof pieces and related accessories remain available for your existing cabinet base.

Points of attention, contact your sales representative.

Ordering spares for your existing cabinet base.

  • All SKUs currently existing remain available for you to order. See the table at the end of the page.

Ordering a new cabinet from February 1st.

  • The new single-piece roof will automatically be selected.

  • The new accessories for the central cut-out will automatically be selected if you want them premounted

  • If accessories for the roof or cable dividers are ordered separately, you should follow the table at the end of the page to use the new SKUs.

Reordering your existing cabinet after February 1st.

The bill of materials for your cabinet will automatically be updated with the new roof.

  • The previous three-piece roof will automatically be changed to the new single-piece version.

  • All roof accessories will automatically be updated to their new versions.

  • If accessories for the roof or cable dividers are ordered separately, you should follow the table to use the new SKUs.

https://www.minkels.com/images/Rx9TJ/Change in the Nexpand Roof Design2.png