About Minkels - A Brand of Legrand

Minkels is dedicated to delivering high-quality data center solutions. In our approach, partnering with our customers and listening is key, as we believe collaborative efforts lead to tailored solutions. We highly value equality, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected. Additionally, our commitment to respectful, open, and clear communication is key to fostering strong relationships and understanding our clients' unique needs.

Minkels is a knowledge-driven producer and worldwide supplier of high-quality cabinet, aisle containment and cooling solutions for data center infrastructure.





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Minkels and Legrand Data Center Solutions

The Minkels brand is part of Legrand Data Center Solutions. Legrand Data Center Solutions is powered by a network of expert brands that bring specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to the table. These brands contribute their extensive experience and expertise to create innovative and powerful solutions. And help you create a more intelligent, more secure, and more energy efficient data center. From design and installation to operational maintenance, the Group extends comprehensive technical support at every phase of a data center project. Find out more >>

Business Ethics

Ethical behavior: Observing the rules of ethical behavior is one of Legrand’s fundamental values and are fundamental for long-lasting profitable development. Legrand is committed to preventing corruption and fraud, and observing the rules of competition. On the one hand by raising awareness and training its teams, and on the other hand by closely monitoring that its compliance program is properly implemented. Read more about this subject here.

Ethics line - Alert system: The Legrand Group promotes compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in particular via its Guide for Good Business Practice and its Charter of Fundamental Principles. In this context the Legrand Group has established this specific professional alert system known as the “Ethics Line”. Learn more here.

Download the Compliance Commitment of Minkels.