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Nexpand SR is a dedicated switching and routing infrastructure cabinet, which helps save time during initial hardware and cabling installation. For ongoing hardware, cable management and maintenance, the cabinet ensures a precise, safe, and secure solution. Thanks to the dedicated and spacious environment, along with the correctly specified accessories the SR cabinet allows for optimal cable management. It avoids any problems due to air mix and provides best-in-class airflow management, specifically in a containment set up.

One dedicated, central location

In a containment solution, the Nexpand SR cabinet range provides one dedicated, central location for all of the required switching and routing infrastructure. This frees up more space for actual servers in the server cabinets and means that when switching and routing work is to be carried out, one single cabinet can be accessed. This scenario creates a much more efficient and safe way of managing such tasks as opposed to the current scenario, where every single cabinet potentially needs to be opened.


  • Faster installation times because of one central hub

  • More efficient switching, routing, and associated cabling working environment

  • Dedicated, extra space provides a much easier and safer working environment

  • Recognizing that engineers installing IT equipment, cabling, and accessories ideally want to stand inside the cabinet, the SR cabinet includes an airtight base plate designed to support up to a 100kg load

  • Fully airtight

  • Fully compatible with the Nexpand range of cabinet and cable accessories

  • Fully customizable

Engineer to order

We understand your needs might be very specific based on the location and conditions of the data center. Even with the almost unlimited configurable design options available, it is still possible that your requirements may fall outside of the standard specifications of a data center cabinet. If the standard portfolio does not accompany all of these needs, we are open to create a special solution in order to meet all of your needs. Whatever your requirements, contact us and let's talk about the possibilities.

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