Next level reliability

Cabinets that offer you next level reliability

The Nexpand premium cabinet platform has a highly engineered and robust design that combines flexibility and modularity of installation with infinitely adjustable accessories and components. The cabinet offers a lightweight, solid aluminium frame, a fully integrated handle and locking mechanism, and accessories for cabling or supporting IT equipment that you can mount in the exact position you need. It’s truly the next level of data center rack and cabinet infrastructure. Nexpand’s platform enables a solid structure to perfectly house your IT-equipment.

Lightweight and solid frame

The lightweight and solid aluminium frame offers the ultimate flexibility as T-slot rails are placed in aluminium extrusions. This enables the T-slot rails to be mounted along the cabinet's full interior depth and width, allowing the user to adjust to their specific requirements.

Unique door design

The cabinet door has a unique design that provides a fully integrated handle and locking mechanism. The locking mechanism and wiring are contained within the door, offering better protection for the cabling. Specifically, this prevents people working on the cabinet from bumping into the cabling and causing damage. It also makes it easier to mount and remove the door, which can be helpful during work in the cabinet. You can also reverse the door to make it right-opening rather than left-opening.

Flexible and advanced cable management system

The cable management system profits from the same flexibility the frame has to offer. Accessories can be placed toolless mount.