Secure your data center cabinet

IT infrastructures are vulnerable. Securing access to data and equipment therefore does not end at the walls of a data center or server room. Security at cabinet level is becoming increasingly important for organisations. 

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High level security

The design of our server and network cabinets offers the possibility to use not only standard mechanical locks (such as cylinder locks) but also smart locks. Smart locks can be opened remotely or enable the user to monitor who was in the cabinet and at what time from afar.

Tamper proof cabinet

Smart locks often require cabling, which can be neatly integrated into our door thanks to the integrated duct. All the areas of the cabinets can also be locked from the inside to ensure they cannot be opened externally. All these features provide high-level access security.

Secure your data center cabinet products:

Electronic Locking

IT-infrastructures are vulnerable. Therefore, the protection of access to data and equipment does not end at the walls of a data center or server room. Safety at rack level is becoming more and more important to organizations.

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Cylinder lock

The cylinder lock replaces the quarter square locking clip and it can be fitted to the rear and side panels. This adds extra security to prevent unauthorized access to the cabinet.

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Cylinders for swivel handles

There are two possibilities for filling in the swivel handles: a blank or a cylinder lock.

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Standard swivel handle

Locking system for the front and back doors. The locking system now features a brand new spring-loaded opening mechanism to facilitate and improve user experience.

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Door sensor

Dry contact to check door status.

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Swivel handle with combination lock

Locking system for front and back doors. The new Nexpand combination lock brings together all the features of the standard Nexpand swivel handle and a new layer of security.

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