Nexpand Horizontal Containment

With Nexpand Horizontal Containment, Minkels offers data center managers and owners ‘future-proof’ solutions which offer the flexibility and modularity needed to be able to anticipate the dynamic of the modern day data center.

Nexpand Horizontal Containment is the ultimate answer to the ever increasing demand for flexible and modular solutions. In the form of the Nexpand Corridor, Minkels lifts modular thinking and energy-efficient data center design to a higher level.

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Important features:

Hot & Cold aisle

Data centers opting for cold containment deliver cold air through a raised floor into the aisle. This air is contained in front of the cabinets, creating a homogeneous air plenum at the desired temperature. This contained cold air helps prevent hot spots and runs through the cabinets cooling down the servers.

Data centers opting for hot containment deliver cold air to the room instead of the corridors. The cabinets are rotated 180 degrees compared to a cold corridor disposition; this means that the front face of the servers is oriented towards the room instead of the aisle to welcome the cold air. The cold air goes through the cabinets cooling down the equipment and is accumulated in the aisle as hot air.

Rack supported containment

The horizontal roof system and sliding doors are connected to the cabinets to create a rack supported solution. The system fits perfectly to our Nexpand Cabinet platform for seamless integration. For compatibility to third-party cabinets, reach out to your sales representative for more information.

High-transparency roof

Glass panels for maximum visibility in your containment. This material choice has benefits over other transparent plastic materials. The glass roof system is easy-to-clean and prevents electrostatic discharge for maximum security of your infrastructure.

Drop-away FM approved roof

The drop-away panels are ideal when combined with fire extinguishing systems such as sprinklers or water mist. These lightweight panels will fall under an increase of temperature or by the weight of water accumulated on top of them. The entire system is FM approved, helping you to have your data center insured by FM Global.

Door systems

Minkels offers self-closing sliding doors, with which you can close off your aisle containment in an airtight seal. During the closing of the doors, a soft closing mechanism prevents the doors from unexpectedly striking against each other. The door panels have been fitted with safety glass panels to ensure the safety of persons and to allow light to enter the containment, as well as to provide the possibility of viewing the walkways from outside the containment.

Roof optimized for multiple accessories

The horizontal roof has been developed to integrate almost any accessory, from motion sensors, cameras, and sprinklers to LED tubes.

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