Best energy efficiency

Sustainable, energy efficient cabinets for data centers

The requirements in the area of energy efficiency are particularly high for server cabinets. After all, IT equipment in server cabinets generates a lot of heat that needs to be dissipated efficiently. To function as effectively as possible, IT equipment must be properly cooled. The more efficient the cooling process, the more reliably your IT equipment will work, and the less energy your data center will require to operate.

The Nexpand cabinet is specially designed to optimize energy efficiency in your data center, which is one of the most important reasons for developing this platform. By reducing energy consumption, data centers not only save money but also reduce their environmental impact.

White paper: Reducing data center costs and environmental impact

Download our airflow management whitepaper, and discover six top tips to enhance the energy efficiency of your data center. This whitepaper outlines essential measures every data center owner or decision-maker should consider when deploying IT cabinets. Download here

Preventing cool air leakage

Air leaks and recirculation should be minimized so that cool air flows exclusively through the IT equipment. The space between the cabinet frame and the steel profile should be completely sealed. Consisting of bottom, top, left, and right panels, the Nexpand airflow management packages allow you to connect the cabinet to the profiles in which the IT equipment is installed. In addition, unique accessories have been developed to completely seal the space between cabinets.

Enabling your green data center

Our cabinets have been certified by an external agency and provide you with a product environmental profile (PEP) that proves the reduction of environmental impact of our products over their whole life cycle, helping you in meeting your green data center goals.

Reducing cooling costs

Nexpand is the best cabinet in the market for reducing air loss; in other words, it efficiently redirects your cool air to exactly where you want it. Tested and proven, Nexpand is the only premium cabinet that allows you to avoid the recirculation of hot and cold airflows, directly reducing the energy consumption of IT equipment, ensuring it remains at optimal operating temperature and minimizing total building cooling costs.