Free Standing Containment

When the highest amount of flexibility is required, the Free Standing containment is the most optimal solution. With this fully self-supporting aisle containment system closed off aisles can be created independent from the IT-racks. Especially for multiphase projects, this solutions provides the flexibility and modularity to adapt to the growing demands of a data center.


The system offers data centers a cost-efficient ‘pay-as-you-grow’ solution which has the capacity to be filled with racks in different phases. Immediately after implementation, the Free Standing containment reaches the same energy-efficiency as a regular aisle containment system.

Ceiling or ground supported

We provide a complete portfolio of free-standing solutions, with ground free standing and ceiling supported free standing solutions available.

Ground free standing solutions are used traditionally for cold containment, and hanging free standing is ideal for hot containment.

Accommodates any cabinet

A free-standing solution can easily accommodate different type of cabinets. The ground and ceiling mounted solutions can integrate multibrand cabinets. Different heights? Mixture of cabinets from different providers? Everything is possible!

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