Accessories to complete your data center cabinet

Nexpand provides you with an unmatched level of flexibility and modularity to mount accessories within the cabinet for your evolving needs. You want to expand your Nexpand cabinet with various accessories for optimal energy efficiency and high-level access security? We can deliver a ready-to-go cabinet that meets your exact needs directly from the factory - offering multiple door options, an airflow management solution, and a range of accessories, all premounted.

Accessories for cable management

Minkels offers an extensive range of cable management accessories. The Nexpand platform offers the flexibility to mount them in almost any position. This allows you to remove unorganized cables inside your cabinet, easily identify cable runs, facilitate maintenance and help improve airflow.
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Best Energy Efficiency

Nexpand provides an environmentally friendly cabinet with the best-in-class airflow management solution, delivering the most energy-efficient cabinet in the market. Learn more >>

Secure your cabinet

IT infrastructures are vulnerable. Securing access to data and equipment therefore does not end at the walls of a data center or server room. Security at cabinet level is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Find out more >>

Accessories to complete your data center cabinet products:

Optimize energy efficiency

When developing Nexpand, one of our core goals was to provide you with the best airflow management solution to reduce your cooling costs to a minimum.

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Organize cables

Cable management for a reliable performance of your data center or server room

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Secure your data center cabinet

Products and accessories for cabinet security.

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Extend your data center cabinet

Racks can be extended at the front and back side

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Other data center cabinet accessories

Complete your Nexpand cabinet with accessories from the extensive portfolio of mechanical accessories.

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