Nexpand Server cabinet

The Nexpand Server cabinet is ideally suited for installing (blade) servers, switches, patch panels, routers, and storage equipment. Choose from a selection of pre-configured cabinets available in various dimensions or configure a cabinet that precisely matches your requirements.

Customised solutions

Minkels specializes in creating the cabinet that will match all your needs. If our selection of standard configurations is not what you are looking for, we can provide you with your desired product after getting in contact with our sales team. Having various accessories assembled in the factory, different door types, position adjustment… Anything is possible!

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Best Energy Efficiency

Nexpand is the most energy-efficient cabinet on the market. By using sustainable materials and processes, Nexpand offers an eco-friendly cabinet with best-in-class airflow management.

White paper: Reducing data center costs and environmental impact

Download our airflow management whitepaper, and discover six top tips to enhance the energy efficiency of your data center. This whitepaper outlines essential measures every data center owner or decision-maker should consider when deploying IT cabinets. Download here >>

Configure your cabinet

We can deliver a ready-to-go cabinet that meets your exact needs directly from the factory—offering multiple door options, an airflow management solution, and a range of accessories, all premounted.
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Organized Cabling

With the vast range of cable management accessories and the flexibility Nexpand offers to mount them in almost any position, you can remove unorganised cables in your cabinet, easily identify cable paths, facilitate maintenance and help improve airflow. Organised cabling helps prevent hot air from accumulating at the back of the cabinet, so the cold air coming into the cabinet can easily push the hot air at the rear outside of the cabinet.
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