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The DX cooling solution is available as a turn-key system meaning both the indoor unit (placed adjacent to the IT cabinets) and outdoor unit are part of the delivery. The indoor unit contains the compressor, and the outdoor unit is a remote condenser. This results in more flexibility in placement of the outdoor unit and less noise emissions compared to an outdoor unit including the compressor.


  • Easy installation: DX cooling units are relatively easy to install and require less complex infrastructure modifications compared to other cooling technologies, such as chilled water systems.

  • Suitable for various climates: DX cooling units can efficiently operate in a wide range of climates, including hot and humid environments, where other cooling technologies may face challenges.

  • Low maintenance: DX cooling systems typically have fewer moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance requirements and reduced downtime for servicing.

  • Perfect solution for small datacenter applications. Nexpand row-based DX units in a closed loop configuration can perfectly fit in a Micro Datacenter solution as well.


  • Top and bottom piping connections

  • Display enables reading the most important values for the cooling performance

  • Advanced control and carel monitoring

  • Hot swappable fans

  • Fans are all equipped with EC fan technology

  • Fully integrated in Nexpand frame

  • Our models feature evaporators with Hydrophilic treatment

  • Slide-out electrical box


  • Condensate pump

  • Touch screen

  • Advanced monitoring

  • Base set 100mm

  • Transport tool

  • Filterset G4 + differential pressure sensor

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Brochure Direct Expansion (DX) Cooling


User manual - DX - EN_2022

Quick Start Guide - DX - EN_2022

RoHS compliance letter - Nexpand Active Cooling.pdf