Other data center cabinet accessories

Minkels offers a wide variety of accessories wich will make your Nexpand cabinet complete. A list of the accessories which are available is provided below. If the accessory you are looking for is not among them, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

Side, front and back

Minkels offers different types of doors and panels.

Panels —> When stand- alone is preferred or when the cabinet is placed at the end of the row you can use a full height side panel or split side panel. A slide-in side panel and side divider panel can be used in between cabinets and will be placed in the middle of the row. It depends on the location of your cabinet what you prefer. Everything is possible!

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Doors —> Whether it is a blind, perforated, or glass door, all these options are available for you to select.

Whatever your requirement, we can help you configure the cabinet that fully meets your requirements within minutes.

Top and bottom

What part of the roof do you want to be covered by blind plates? Where do you need access to power cables? Do you need entry to the cabinet that prevents fiber from getting damaged? Is a fan unit on the roof a must for you? Nexpand allows you to choose your desired configuration, providing an unmatched level of flexibility and modularity.

We recognize that every data center is arranged differently and that flexibility at the bottom of your cabinet is just as important as at the top. You can select a cabinet on wheels, different leveling feet heights, or add an extra height increment at the cabinet's base to facilitate airtight cable entry.

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Tailor your cabinet

Nexpand provides you with an unmatched level of flexibility and modularity. Choose a product from our standard range or work with our sales department to configure a cabinet that exactly meets your requirement. Make your cabinet complete with multiple accessories to choose from, all pre-assembled in the factory which saves you assembly time on site.