What is Nexpand?

The digital revolution is happening right now. It’s taking place both in our personal and business lives. The way we do our work, listen to music, interact with people, research products and buy services has almost entirely changed. And so have IT infrastructures to make this change possible. An ever-increasing amount of data, faster processing speeds, larger storage requirements, the exponential rise in IoT and artificial intelligence, and so forth have posed new challenges in data centers.

We’ve researched, analyzed, discussed, checked and rechecked ways we could optimize the data center infrastructure. Can it work smarter, better and more sustainably? How can we provide smart solutions to cope with the challenges in this market? Can we develop systems to help companies comply with various environmental requirements and compliancy laws? Can we act with greater corporate social responsibility across every aspect of our business?

Our mission with the development of the Nexpand platform was to create something that’s

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Nexpand cabinets offer you unlimited possibilities

A smart design was one of the main requirements by developing the Nexpand platform. With Nexpand we went the extra mile with the flexibility and modularity of the installation and infinite adjustment of accessories and components. It’s truly the next level in data center infrastructure.
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Nexpand cabinets offer you next level reliability & security

Nexpand’s platform enables a solid structure to perfectly house your IT-equipment. The interior of our server and network cabinets has a light and solid aluminium frame to bear the weight of IT equipment and to deal effectively with airflow management. The sturdiness of the frame and door, the full integration of the locking system and the cabling are unique on the market. Nexpand offers the highest levels of access security and reliable, intelligent power distribution. Innovative monitoring tools and sensors provide real-time environmental alerts to inform you when something is astray, increasing response times and reducing downtime. Learn more about Next level reliability & Next level security >>

Sustainable, energy efficient data centers

The design of our server and network cabinets is specifically geared towards optimizing the energy efficiency of data centers. Increasing the energy efficiency was one of the most important reasons for developing this cabinet platform.
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