Extend your data center cabinet

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The IT equipment in a data center is constantly changing to meet evolving needs. The need for increased power density, better cooling, server upgrades, etc., can all impact the space available in your cabinet. The extension kit allows you to increase your cabinet depth by up to 400 mm extra, enabling your equipment and cabling to remain intact and to install deeper equipment, meaning you don't need to replace your cabinet when your equipment changes!

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Extend your cabinet depth

The extension set is easy to fit and adds 100 up to 200 mm per side. This set can be fitted to either the front or the back. When using two extension kits at the front and two at the rear, you can add an extra 400 mm to your cabinet depth! Connecting multiple extension sets is possible.

Flexible accessory installation

The Nexpand frame offers unique flexibility with a stepless mounting approach to accessory installation. This adjustability means you can place our accessories at any location within the frame posts to meet your exact needs. This flexibility has also been incorporated in the extension kit.

Other benefits

  • Quick installation with simple tools​

  • Reuse doors and accessories​

  • All the equipment and cabling can remain intact and deeper equipment can be installed

  • VMRs can be installed on the extension kits, giving you the flexibility to position your equipment exactly where you need it

  • Fully compatible with the Nexpand base set, which can raise your cabinet by 100 mm or 200 mm

  • Cable entry point on top and compatible with airflow management packages​

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