Nexpand CW - Chilled Water cooling solutions

The CW cooling solution offers higher cooling capacities to face the most demanding applications. These prove to be more energy efficient when the heat load of the containment goes beyond 100kW.


  • Cooling equipment is close to the heat source

  • Shortening the airflow path, thereby decreasing power consumption of the fan units

  • Providing a fast, dynamic response of the coolers to changing heat densities.

  • Sustainability is at the forefront of the Nexpand row-based cooling solutions.


  • Top and bottom piping connections

  • Display enables reading the most important values for the cooling performance

  • Advanced control and carel monitoring

  • Hot swappable fans

  • Fans are all equipped with EC fan technology

  • Fully integrated in Nexpand frame

  • Our models feature evaporators with Hydrophilic treatment

  • Dual Power Feed

  • Slide-out electrical box


  • Condensate pump

  • Touch screen

  • Advanced monitoring

  • Base set 100mm

  • Transport tool

  • Filterset G4 + differential pressure sensor

  • 3-Way Valve

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Brochure Chilled Water (CW) Cooling

Datasheet Chilled Water (CW) Cooling

User manual - CW - EN_2022

Quick Start Guide - CW - EN_2022

RoHS compliance letter - Nexpand Active Cooling.pdf