Nexpand TR cabinet - Rack and Stack

The Nexpand TR cabinet is perfect for Rack and Stack applications that require an extremely robust and durable enclosure. Nexpand TR, designed for shipping with equipment pre-loaded, provides operational, financial and sustainability benefits. In terms of how the cabinet has been strengthened: The frame is reinforced by having a reinforced height post. There is an additional strengthening beam that is in the depth and there’s also the VMR, so the 19 inch is reinforced. These are the three main differences compared to the Nexpand standard frame. The Nexpand TR cabinet includes castors that are capable of carrying the heavy load.

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Why Rack & Stack

  • Pre-equip the cabinet at your facility

  • Work in stations specialized in IT configuration & testing

  • Ship a ready-to-go-live cabinet

  • Shortest time-to-market to your data center

Why Nexpand TR

  • Best-in-class reusable packaging solution​, up to 10 times (ISTA 3E certified)

  • (Un)loading ramp included in the crate: strong and safe ramp solution that doesn’t deform/brake

  • ​High transport load​

Speed of deployment

Nexpand TR is fast to deploy in a safe, sustainable, and secure way. The reinforced cabinets are delivered to site and ready to run with minimum installation time and cost. Available as standard, or with the customizable options around your needs.

Cost effective & Sustainable

The packaging can be re-used, if handled carefully, at least 10 times. This is positive from a sustainability perspective but it also makes financial sense, as the lifecycle cost of our packaging solution will be less expensive than buying disposable packaging every time. The packaging capabilities are tested according to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards. We use no single-use plastic and renewable materials in the packaging solution. Additionally, the packaging is modular in design so any damaged parts can be repaired or replaced.

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EN Brochure Nexpand-TR-Rack and Stack

Nexpand-TR - Datasheet