Data center containment

Containment is the solution to the challenges which data centers have been presented with since day one: the optimisation of cooling and energy-efficiency through the separation of hot and cold airflows. Using aisle containment and airflow management solutions can significantly reduce your cooling costs. Minkels offers data center managers different future-proof solutions with the most flexibility and modularity, and lifts modular thinking and energy-efficient data center design to a higher level.

Standardized solutions

Through the highly modular concept of Nexpand Horizontal containment and Minkels Freestanding Containment, Minkels offers extensive possibilities to implement a Corridor solution in a phased and thus cost-efficient manner. Because of its modular design, both solutions are flexible and can be adapted to fit the specific building environment, and are more energy-efficient than other containment solutions on the market.

Seamless integration

Nexpand horizontal containment can be combined with Nexpand cabinets and other Nexpand components for seamless integration of different Nexpand products into one containment solution for hot and cold aisles.. Learn more >>

Pay-as-you-grow solution

The freestanding construction with wall panels, roof panels and sliding doors, offers corporate and commercial data centers a cost-efficient ‘pay-as-you-grow’ solution in order to create energy-efficiency at low initial investments. Compatible with most third-party cabinets. Read more >>

Customized containment

Our team of specialists will work hand in hand with you to design the containment that exactly meet your specific needs and requirements. With Minkels, you get the exact containment you require.

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EN Brochure - Nexpand Aisle Containment

2023 - PEP - Nexpand containment HT Roof - LGRP-01590-V01.01-EN.pdf

2023 - PEP - Nexpand Double sliding door Manual - LGRP-01617-V01.01-EN.pdf

2023 - PEP - Nexpand Double sliding door Selfclosing - LGRP-01618-V01.01-EN.pdf

Data center containment products:

Nexpand Horizontal Containment

With Nexpand Horizontal Containment, Minkels offers data center managers and owners ‘future-proof’ solutions which offer the flexibility and modularity needed to be able to anticipate the dynamic of the modern day data center.

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Free Standing Containment

When the highest amount of flexibility is required, the Free Standing containment is the most optimal solution. With this fully self-supporting aisle containment system closed off aisles can be created independent from the IT-racks.

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