Legrand data center integrated solution brochure

With the modular and integrated products of the Legrand Group – including Minkels, Raritan, Cablofil, Bticino and Zucchini – you are assured of a future-proof data centre. Keep on reading to find out why!

Data centre integrated solutions / Powered by experts

Legrand and Minkels provide the anwer to specific data centre requirements. The far-reaching partnership between Legrand and Minkels makes implementing data centre infrastructure simpler, but also leads to cost efficiency: only one supplier that offers a complete solution. Read more!

Building Infra / Powered by Experts

Legrand and Minkels offer a complete solution for building-related (IT) infrastructure. Your advantage? You have one ‘single point of contact’ during the entire installation, maximum ease of installation, rapid delivery and low failure costs. Read more!

Standard product catalog 2018-1

In our Standard Product Catalog you will find our complete product range: data centre and building related integrated solutions. Do you want to know which products are in stock and quickly available? Check out our Standard Product Catalogue!

Mass Customisation brochure

Mass customisation is the combination of the best aspects of ‘mass production’ and ‘customisation’. Do you need a lot of flexibility in combination with short delivery times? Then check out our Mass Customisation Brochure!

Minkels Magazine 2017-1: Customer case special

This special Customer Edition of Minkels Magazine – to celebrate 7.5 years Minkels Magazine – not only shows which data centre challenges companies are facing. It also shows how 25 of our customers have been handling these challenges with Legrand and Minkels data centre solutions.

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