Nexpand Colocation cabinet

The Nexpand compartmentalised colocation cabinets are perfectly suited for combining multiple end customers in one cabinet while keeping them safely separated. We offer a choice between a two and four times compartmentalised cabinet. The compartments are completely individualized with the use of fixed plateaus, all have separate and protected data and power cable ducts, only accessible by the customer of the specific compartment.

The Nexpand colocation cabinets are designed to deliver an unmatched level of security and flexibility. The colocation cabinets can be configured in varying heights, widths and depths. Select a cabinet from our standard portfolio or configure your own, with further options to expand your cabinet with our various accessories, including cable and airflow management.

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The most secure colocation cabinet

Customer and facility compartments are securely separated, with no access available to other compartments equipment or cabling.

Unmatched level of flexibility

You can place the cabinet at any desired location, facilitating your corridor deployment, and guide the cables to the cable ducts. The facility compartment allows for secure cabling entry and exit at the top and bottom of the cabinet and offers other critical features.

Energy Efficiency

Next-level energy efficiency is possible using an airflow management package.

White paper: Reducing data center costs and environmental impact

Download our airflow management whitepaper, and discover six top tips to enhance the energy efficiency of your data center. This whitepaper outlines essential measures every data center owner or decision-maker should consider when deploying IT cabinets. Download here >>

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