Cegeka deploys modular data centre for its European ‘trusted cloud’ with Minkels

As a growing proportion of organisations in Europe tend to outsource IT infrastructure to the cloud, a company like Cegeka flourishes by providing hybrid cloud services from their highly secured private data centres.  The  recently  established  flagship data centre in Geleen, The Netherlands, adds to the existing data centre in Hasselt where Cegeka has its headquarters located. The new data centre has a calculated Power Usage Effectiveness  (PUE)   of   1.14   -   an   extremely energy efficient figure. From these data centres in Hasselt and Geleen, Cegeka’s ‘ trusted cloud’ solutions are delivered throughout Europe.


“When  our  customers  choose  to  outsource their IT infrastructure to the cloud, safety and the ability to stay in control are extremely important,” says André Knaepen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cegeka Group. “Cegeka has been responding to customer demand by establishing privately owned and highly   secure   data   centres.   Our   new   data centre in Geleen is another example of this effort, providing organisations in a wide variety of European countries with optimal conditions for safeguarding the availability of their applications.”



ICTroom, a pan-European     data centre integrator    with    it’s    headquarters    in    The Netherlands, was responsible for implementing this new facility for Cegeka, while Minkels was selected to deliver its aisle containment (Next Generation  Cold  Corridors®),  Varicon®  racks and VariconPower® PDUs.


“ICTroom works with all kinds of data centre brands,” says Johan Claes, sales director BeLux, ICTroom. “In this case, a taskforce with people from Cegeka was set up for market comparison and evaluation of all solutions available. This taskforce   also   visited   several   data   centres for benchmarking purposes. In the end they concluded that Minkels is the best data centre vendor to meet the high set requirements of Cegeka.”



The new data centre had to be located near the other flagship data centre in Hasselt, Belgium, for   reasons   of   low-latency   interconnection. The establishment of this new facility results in phasing out two remaining data centres in Veenendaal (NL) and Leuven (BE) respectively.


As Cegeka put high requirements on the security level of its hybrid cloud proposition, the company chose to deploy an advanced biometric fingerprint solution for the locking systems of Minkels Varicon racks. Engineers from  ICTroom  and  Minkels  sat  together  on-site  to  provide  an  integrated  design  for  a total security solution. This team of engineers managed to adapt it to the central card access control system and data centre management system, the BMS.



To provide ultimate flexibility in standardised data centre design, ICTroom implemented its scalable IMD platform with a modular 750kW power capacity and initial room for 160 racks. While Cegeka is able to start with a capacity of 200 kW, the platform provides a pay-as-you- grow solution with the ability to flexibly adopt new technologies on the go. The modularity of Minkels’ Next Generation Cold Corridor adds to the enormous flexibility of the overall solution.


The low PUE figure is being established through the use of indirect adiabatic cooling and energy efficient components for power supply. “The end result is a state-of-the-art and very energy efficient solution,” adds Mr. Claes. “Although the greater part of energy savings come from the cooling system, the airtightness of Minkels Cold Corridors and high air permeability of their racks significantly add to the energy efficiency of the cooling system in place.”


The  data  centre  in  Geleen  is  provided  As-a-service by ICTroom, with an ICTroom employee on-site and remote monitoring from   ICTroom’s   NOC   in   Schiphol   Airport Business  Park  in  Lijnden,  The  Netherlands. This way, Cegeka is able to lower its CAPEX investments.