Complete data centre solution for Infonet DC Estonia

Infonet AS was established in 1993 as an internet service provider (ISP). Nowadays, Infonet owns high-speed optical networks in major districts of Tallinn (Estonia) and is one of the capital’s main ISP’s. Three years ago, Infonet decided to expand their business and build a data centre to offer colocation services: Infonet DC.


Infonet DC is a part of Infonet AS, one of the leading telecom providers in Estonia. “Infonet DC is the only specialised Tier-III commercial data centre in Tallinn”, Sergei Zavolner, CEO at Infonet DC, explains. “The land and the data centre building are the private property of Infonet DC. The data centre building is 2,700 square meters and the server room space is 1,625 square meters. The data centre has been designed to allocate 512 professional server racks: 4 stages of 128 racks each. Right now, we are in the process of setting up the data centre – after a careful selection process.”


Infonet DC had been in contact with some major data centre suppliers. “We also got to know ‘Legrand Data Center Solutions’; a cooperation between Legrand and its’ daughter companies – such as Minkels and Raritan – to provide customers with a complete data centre solution. We were invited to visit the Minkels’ factory in the Netherlands and were very impressed with the racks production process and technology. In the course of the selection process, we found out that ‘Legrand Data Center Solutions’ was the only party that was able to offer a complete high-quality solution of cold aisle containment with racks of the required width and integrated busbars for a reasonable price. The engineering team was able to design the data centre solution in 3D, showing us that the design matched our needs. We could therefore proceed to production with confidence. I might say that the customer-specific solution looks even better in reality.”


The Minkels production process went smoothly. “The assembly instruction was also very comprehensible. It takes only a couple of days for two people to assemble the aisle.” Right now, Infonet has one complete corridor of 32 Minkels racks (47U: 1100×700 mm) and about 20 meters of Legrand busbars. “The racks are located in the separate cold aisle containment with the busbars on top of the corridor, supporting on the racks. The racks are provided with individual locks and the possibility to install additional access control systems. The data centre has been supplied with a very early warning smoke detection and alarm system and an automatic gaseous fire suppression system, using inergen as an active agent – which is environmentally friendly.”


The purchased cold aisle is only the first small part of the planned rack space. “When reaching the full data centre capacity, we will have 16 corridors and 512 racks in total. At the moment we are looking at colocation racks with dividers and we are also checking out the Free Standing Corridor – all depending on future customer demand.”