Freightliner & Comms Room Services implement Minkels

Freightliner experienced a fire in the building directly underneath the room that housed their server room. This resulted in the renewal of the server room and therefore provided them the opportunity to implement a data centre infrastructure of the highest quality using standard products available in the data centre market. Comms Room Services, a UK based provider of server room and data centre design and build projects, recommended to Freightliner’s IT Management an integrated and flexible data centre infrastructure utilising Minkels’ modular, rowbased cooling solution.

“Having experienced fire in their server room, Freightliner’s IT Management could see the advantages of solely selecting high quality data centre products for the new build,” said Mark Allingham, CTO and co-owner of Comms Room Services. “Freightliner was dedicated to achieve a 100 per cent uptime for their new facilities, to ensure resilience and continuity in their IT environment. Minkels’ products ideally suited these high expectations.”


The new server room, a prefabricated building with only 35 square metres of total space available, provided Comms Room Services and Minkels with some restrictive conditions. “Given the space constraints of the room, the modularity of Minkels’ self-contained hot aisle enclosure with built in air-conditioning and UPS systems proved to be a valuable contribution to the project,” said Mark Allingham. “The low floor-ceiling height made it a challenge to set up the right airflow pattern. To get around that issue, the Minkels products were ideal for it without intensive engineering.”

Minkels delivered a customised hot aisle containment solution, an enclosed aisle with airflow optimised 19-inch cabinets. Minkels VariCondition® DX row-based coolers – inverter-driven units – were used for energy-efficient, targeted and space saving cooling of Freightliner’s equipment. Another space saving feature included the implementation of a Minkels Archimod UPS which has modularly structured power capacities from 20 to 120 kVA. The Minkels UPS is located inside the aisle containment solution, which provides not only simplified connectivity but also blends seamlessly in with cabinet housings and provides a unique setup in the market with comprehensive server room advantages.


“This all-in-one modular Minkels UPS system, a fully populated and generator backed UPS, provides Freightliner with great synergy between their power supply and the cold aisle enclosure,” said Allingham. “Together with our implementation of an Argonite fire suppression system, electrical installation and an environmental monitoring system, this provides Freightliner with a fully customised and integrated server room solution.”

Comms Room Services is a long-term partner of Minkels in the UK. Mark Allingham: “Minkels is a good quality solution provider within the global data centre market. Minkels products are best of breed, and their installation team is also fantastic. Again, this data centre project was done hand in hand with Minkels engineers and Freightliner is very pleased with the results.”