Istanbul airport: new airport, new infrastructure

The old Atatürk airport, which processed 68 million travelers a year, was surrounded by buildings, which made expansion of the airport impossible. Which is why Atatürk Airport closed its gates in April 2019. At the same time, the new Istanbul International Airport celebrated its grand opening. Istanbul Airport will process 90 million passengers annually; a number that will rise to 200 million in seven years, at which point it will be the busiest airport in the world.

Large airports like Istanbul Airport face numerous (data) challenges. That’s where Legrand Data Center Solutions came in: providing reliable technological infrastructure. The products that were offered during the tender process included both cabinets and power solutions. Mr. Ali Yay, Sales Manager at Legrand in Turkey, is delighted that Legrand Data Center Solutions was able to play a role during this very important project for Turkey. “We were selected thanks to our previous experience on similar implementations. A visit to our factory also made a very favorable impression. Additionally, our advice and suggestions provided ease of use, both during the implementation and the actual operation.”

Among other things, Legrand Data Center Solutions implemented cold corridors, data center cabinets, and network cabinets. Integration of the electronic locking systems (securing data center cabinets) have also been provided. In accordance with the particular demands of the Airport Management, the products were synchronized with the building access control system by making the necessary software and hardware modifications in the standard electronic products. During the installation processes, Legrand Data Center Solutions also played the role of supervisor.

According to Mr. Yay, power solutions were also part of the Legrand Data Center Solutions’ offering. “Our KVM solution ensures secure remote access to the server systems. Monitoring and reporting are carried out through our DCIM solution – the infrastructure management software. We also implemented active passive devices of more than 400 cabinets within the data center, as well as more than 500 smart PDUs, with which power consumption and load distribution of active devices within the cabinets in the data center are monitored.”

Legrand Data Center Solutions made project-specific hardware and software improvements and provided R&D support for the seismic requirements of the white zones where the data center cabinets were installed. According to the needs that arose on site, special products were designed and produced. As Mr. Yay points out, “We completed a project with an extensive implementation scope – from seismic requirements to monitoring sensitivity and accuracy. To date, throughout stage one we have delivered more than 2,000 cabinets – 400 of which were data center cabinets. The construction of the airport is being implemented in four stages, expanding the airport and its facilities over time.”

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