In-rack vertical cable management

Solutions for vertical cable management.

In-rack vertical cable management products:

Cable tray

The powder coated cable tray 100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm wide is used for vertical cable management. It has numerous possibilities for organizing your cabling.

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PDU cable tray

The powdercoated PDU tray 170mm wide is used for PDU placement as well as vertical cable management.

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Cable wiremesh tray

The zinc-blue passivated Wire Mesh Cable Tray 100, 200mm and 300 mm wide offers various possibilities for vertical cable management within the rack. Cables can be attached to the wire mesh over the entire height of the rack. Wire Mesh Cable Trays are the right choice for high volume (structured) cabling.

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Mounting profile for cable management on VMR

This sheet metal strip with an U shape has been designed to enable a toolless mount of Nexpand cable management accessories in front of your VMRs. First the strip must be installed in front of your VMR profile with the use of screws and then cable fingers and cable rings can be placed in the punched pattern present in the strip.

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