Bonding, grounding and earthing in a data center?

Earthing and bonding can be quite a complex subject. The usage of earthing is extensively prescribed in standards. Going through all these standards is very time-consuming and may be confusing. That is why Minkels decided to publish a clear white paper on this topic.

This white paper explains how to connect to the earth (earthing) and how to connect conductors (bonding) together in a data centre. White paper 11:

• guides you through the different standards
• explains which standards to use
• explains what is the best earthing system for data centres
• explains how to handle cabinets, racks and containment

The white paper also clarifies how the mandatory usage of earthing (for safety) can seamlessly be integrated with the functional aspects of earthing – in creating an optimal environment for high speed data exchange.

The last part of the white paper offers you an overview of the colours and graphical symbols used in ISO and IEC Standards. The white paper is concluded with some hands-on best practices.

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