Tips & Tricks for the professional use of PUE as a management tool

In this whitepaper PUE specialist Niek van der Pas, working at the R&D department of Minkels, will share his knowledge. He will point out tips and tricks for the correct use of a PUE metric, in order to reach a certain level of operational excellence within your own data centre environment. This whitepaper is intended for use at the level of corporate computer rooms as well as commercial data centre level. Throughout the years, Minkels’ employees have acquired considerable knowledge and experience in the field of data centre infrastructure solutions. Therefore, Minkels was approached by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (EU-JRC) in 2008, to assist in the process of drafting the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres. Niek van der Pas represents the NEN standardization committee for Data Centres in The ISO/IEC Study group on Energy Efficient Data Centres (SG-EEDC). One of the goals of this group is to create an ISO / IEC standard for PUE.
Whitepaper cover