NeoCenter Ouest places its trust in the Legrand Group for its data centre in Rochesur-sur-Yon

The company NeoCenter Ouest (member of the NeoTelecoms group, shareholder of NCO) is specialised in hosting and in fibre optics telecom services for system houses, end customers and operators, and the first neutral host in the Vendée. The company recently opened a second data centre with 40 racks in Rochesur-Yon (Vendée), after the one it opened in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). Purpose: respond to a significant increase in the demand from regional customers.


“When we first began this project, we already had a long-term partnership with the company Minkels, who supplied us with the newest generation Cold Corridor, according to Matthieu Langlois, Associate Director at NeoCenter Ouest. “We started working with Legrand through them. We also worked with their subsidiary company, S2S Onduleurs, who installed the last new Archimod240 HE 240kVA ondulator (modular rackable solution for the newest generation – High Efficiency), making it easy to add UPSs and batteries as the data centre expands: (pay-as-you-grow). Besides, several technicians had nothing but great things to say about the Legrand FDI solutions, therefore, I decided to have a look in that brand’s showroom to see whether the products would meet our needs, particularly in terms of rules and operations.”


In terms of our needs, Legrand introduced its latest generation solutions with optical fibre and copper cabling, and with panels that are equipped with powerful 6a connectors that easily exceed the requirements. Because of their rapid deployment and space optimisation, they recommended pre-installed LCS²- solutions in LC and MTP for 40/100 Gb and fibre channel. In terms of capacity, these are the HD optical fibre products up to 288 2U fibre connectors. “In addition to a solution for modular cabling, Legrand also supplied custom work by developing an optical fibre cassette so that the expansion would progress 4 to 5 times faster than with the old system, whereby installation time is cut in half”, cites Langlois with pride. Another innovative solution that LCM (Legrand Cable Management) provided is its latest invention, the EZ-Path® firewall module. Thanks to this unit, both high voltage and low voltage cables can be laid from one room to another without having to do without the firewall function.


“One of the things I really appreciated about this project with Legrand, is that they have worked very hard to understand our needs and to meet our requirements. In addition to their custom products that have been fully integrated in our systems, they provide excellent follow-up and are willing to supply finished products that meet our rules and operating requirements,” emphasises Langlois.